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The USA v. the FARC

Newly disclosed details about the US role in Colombia. Continue reading

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FARC Ceasefire Deadline on the Horizon

Via the BBC:  Farc ceasefire ‘to end’ as peace talks resume in Cuba Colombia’s Farc rebels have said their ceasefire will be suspended on 20 January, as initially planned. The announcement came as peace talks between the rebels and the … Continue reading

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First the Secret Service, Now the Honduran Embassy (More Tales of Colombia Prostitutes)

Via the BBC:  Honduras investigates Bogota embassy Christmas party Honduras has said it is setting up a commission to investigate reports that a wild Christmas party was held at its embassy in the Colombian capital. Reports suggest that two prostitutes … Continue reading

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Drug Ring Investigated within Colombian Armed Forces

Via Fox News Latino:  Colombia Army Probes Alleged Drug Trafficking Ring Within Its Ranks. While one might assume cocaine, but the drug in question appears to be marijuana.

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