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  1. “Iraqi Kurds wouldn’t like Turkish troops in their territory under any circumstances”

    I would agree, Turks have had covert special forces in Iraq for a long time (as far south at Kirkuk), probably even still today. It is not a secret to either the Kurds or the US. Here is one article among many others.


    I think one of the real issues with going after the PKK is the terrain along the border of Iran and Turkey in Kurdistan. It is not quite Wajiristan, but it is really, really nasty and the PKK have defended it very successfully for years against the Turks. I don’t think the US wants to get involved in that one, we have enough problems down south.

    To date, the PKK have not really engaged the US in Iraq, so the question is, do we want to kick that ant hill as well?

    Comment by bg — Wednesday, May 30, 2007 @ 12:16 pm

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