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  1. Scarborough claims to have been merely secondarily suggestive rather than directly insulting, or something like that. Lame, but probably true. Note to Joe: “Doing the pole” has one fairly well-known meaning in gay street lingo, a different one in strip clubs, and the meaning you claim to have given it (increasingly commonly used exercise equipment?) See also MK Ham.

    Scaborough’s tasteless gaffe, however blameworthy, pales next to the very deliberate nastiness that’s still rumbling around the net with respect to pictures of Ms. Kehn/Mrs. Thompson (I’m not sure which she prefers). And by the day’s end I’ll have gotten a couple of thousand pages views of the pix I’ve reprinted (which for my humble blog constitutes a heavy day of traffic).

    Comment by Beldar — Tuesday, June 5, 2007 @ 4:04 pm

  2. […] The Palmetto Scoop has video f Joe Scarborough more or less apologizing for his “working the pole” comment in regards to Jeri Kehn Thompson. The video is done “pop-up” style with text commentary onscreen during the video–fairly amusing and PoliBlog gets a cameo. […]

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