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    1. […] http://poliblogger.com/?p=12305 U.S. auditor says Iraqi refusal to assume projects could cost U.S. more money The Associated PressPublished: July 28, 2023 […]

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    2. […] UPDATE: Though the military and political progress (as in seperating the woirst actors from those who think similarly, but not identically) is undeniable, iraq remains a venal Arab Muslim country rather than,k say, Finland, or even Ireland, as Poliblogger points out. Not all that much worse than Mexico, which Dr. Taylor should be aware of as a Latin America expert, though obviously¬†absent the self-detonators and head-choppers. […]

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    3. […] Coupled with the report I noted yesterday on the state of the rebuilding effort, the overall picture for Iraq is not especially rosy, even if there have been improvements in the security situation (see (via today’s NYT: .A War We Just Might Win). […]

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