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    1. [...] Baghdad seems governed by a truce, but Basra, well, maybe Maliki is still taking Basra. That might be the best of all possible worlds, avoiding civilian carnage in Iraq’s most densely populated area, Sadr City, while crushing the Mahdists where they actually excercise real power. The picture, despite an offical truce, remains muddled though, since it isn’t over by a long shot, with the first NPR link also containing this depressing informtion: But well-informed Iraqi political officials said the Iranians played a key role in hammering out the peace deal, boosting the Islamic Republic’s influence among the majority Shiite community. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information. [...]

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    2. [...] part that reminds me (see his appearances in our comments or here and here, even here, for why) of the benign, thoughtful, and, on Iraq, wrong Dr. Taylor/Poliblogger is “As for [...]

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