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  1. We’re not seriously thinking that this was anything more than a movie, are we?

    I mean, really – the whole get-the-supervillain thing has been done about ten thousand times before and hard interrogation is portrayed not just in about every third movie that Hollywood poops out but also every one of the ten trillion episodes of Law and Order (and all of its sixteen thousand spinoffs). This is hardly something new to the age of GWoT.

    Can’t say that I really have a problem with Hollywood depictions of terror being off the mark most of the time. Every generation has had its military conflicts and its movies to go along with them, and those movies almost always (with a few exceptions from the 60′s) paint the badguys as vividly bad and the goodguys as sanctimonious heroes. It’s a kind of escapism that is not new, and, I don’t think, unhealthy.

    I’ve been on the gritty nasty battlefields. Leave me my Hollywood supervillain with his painted face and my Dark Knight champion. I think that’s how a lot of people think, for a couple of hours we get to sit and watch the goodguys be good and the badguys be bad. Not sure ’bout you, but I NEED such relief from time to time. Cucumbers on the eyes doesn’t work for me. I need the Dark Knight! He’s my trip to the spa!

    I mean, really – Cucumbers on the eyes? What is that supposed to do anyway?

    Besides – he has a really cool motorcycle.

    Comment by Captain D — Monday, July 28, 2008 @ 4:17 pm

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