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    1. One of the disturbing things I have seen in the liberal media is how they just don’t get the facts straight when it comes to Iraq, the war on terror, and what W is doing to protect us.

      For instance I just finished reading a new book about the Iraq war that reveals all kinds of intelligence proving there are weapons of mass destruction. The book, the “Secret History of the Iraq War” by Yossef Bodansky, tells how Iraq has been hiding them in places like Syria and Lebanon. And even North Korea and Iran have been trafficking in WMD for sometime. Talk about the axis of evil working together. Yet, the media completely ignores this.

      More to the point is what’s going on now in Iraq. Bush has said repeatedly that the fight in Iraq was going to be long and ardous. Anything worth fighting for always is. And the reason the fight is getting tougher is because Al-Qaeda is working behind the scenes in Iraq, causing even more trouble and engaging in a jihad against the West. Bodansky’s book contains plenty of evidence to support this fact. The author even points out that Iraqi military intelligence trained al-Qaeda on how to use WMD and chemical weapons.

      That’s some pretty scary stuff. Of course you don’t see that reported. But it’s out there. Bodansky has written about it. Our President has talked about it. The media ignores it. I urge everyone to read this book and get the facts out to your friends and family. The President is right and must be re-elected to keep fighting for our security and freedom.

      Comment by Dan — Wednesday, June 30, 2024 @ 3:35 pm

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