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  1. I first want to start off by saying let the illegals protest May 1st. This action will help Americans relealize illegals are stealing. Stealing jobs, space and money. They don’t pay taxes but yet the average american is paying over 20% of their hard earned money. There are jobs out there for those who are on welfare. Americans who are on welfare can work, can find jobs if those jobs weren’t taken by illegals. There would be no excuse to be on welfare if there are plenty of jobs out there. The government would be able to spend more money on those who actually cannot work due to disability. Why should I learn Spanish. I was born and raised in America. I need to learn spanish? I need to feel as though I’m in a different country when I go shopping? I see nothing wrong with wanting a better life by working hard for it. The one thing I don’t agree with is telling me you want a better life because American gives hand outs. You can collect welfare, you can have 4 kids and have the medical bills paid for. You can actually have a whole nation cater to you. My great grandparents came here on a boat from Italy. I don’t see Italians singing the American anthem in Italian. I don’t see the Chineese, Persian, Japanese, Vietnamese, complaining about being treated unfairly. You know why?? These are those who actually want to work and come here with a future in mind for their families. They actually help they Economy out with their businesses. You know most of these illegals who are staying 6-8 individuals in a 2 bedroom apt. send money back to Mexico…tax free!!!! How do you feel about the price of housing? It’s high why?? Well if you have 6-8 individuals pitching in to pay $1,500-$2,000 a month hey why not jack up the price of living. Sorry I have to live in a runned down neighborhood with my car paid off, with registration tags that actually belong to me. Sorry I have an honest job and work 11 hours a day just to live in that runned down neighborhood? Why because I’m an American who doesn’t have 7 more people living with me. In 15-20 years California will look alot like Mexico if we don’t stop the immigration. It’s our right to hold a grudge. Don’t give me attitude, don’t look at me with anger just because I’m an American. You came here. I didn’t go over to Mexico and steal you job. I’m not disrespectful to you when you’re with your girlfriend or wife. What is the deal with that. Why is it Illegals cannot help but stare at your girl?? This is off the subject much but living in So. California I experiance alot and you can ask pretty much any guy out there and he will say the same thing. STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Mark — Saturday, April 29, 2006 @ 3:50 pm

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