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Ricky Williams seeks NFL reinstatement
By Bill Jempty

The latest soap opera chapter from that talented football player

MIAMI - Suspended running back Ricky Williams applied for NFL reinstatement Monday, his agent said. “Ricky is extremely excited about the prospect of playing in the NFL again and hopeful for a positive response,” his agent Leigh Steinberg said.

Williams has played in only 12 NFL games since the start of the 2004 season, but rushed for 3,225 yards in 2002-03. His current suspension began in April 2006 after he violated the league’s drug policy for the fourth time. He tested positive for marijuana this April, again delaying his return.

Williams remains under contract with Miami, where he won the NFL rushing title in 2002. But new coach Cam Cameron has not indicated whether he wants Williams to stay with the Dolphins, who fell to 0-4 Sunday.

“That’s ultimately their decision,” Steinberg said. “We’ve had no contact with them.”

The NFL declined comment, saying it had not received official notification yet from Williams.

Ricky Williams retired in 2004, played 12 games for the Miami Dolphins in 2005, and was suspended by the NFL but played Canadian Football in 2006.

Should the NFL re-instate Williams? Yes, I don’t think marijuana use merits a longer suspension than Ricky has already served. Should Miami take Ricky back? I’d try trading him for a draft pick if I was the fins. You can’t count on this player, the trouble is I think most NFL teams will realize that by now too.

Two to one odds against Williams ever playing another down in a Dolphin uniform. Feel free to pound me with a wet noodle if I am wrong.

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