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Shaquille O’Neal chases down hit and run driver
By Bill Jempty

The injured Miami Heat center contiunes to make as much news off the court as on.


Heat center Shaquille O’Neal once again helped nab a suspect — and this time he was the alleged victim. 

O’Neal, a reserve officer with the Miami Beach Police Department, followed a vehicle that allegedly crashed into his Cadillac Escalade and left the scene early Sunday, team spokesman Tim Donovan said Sunday.
Donovan said the incident happened after O’Neal and Jerome Crawford, a team security official, returned home from the Heat’s game at Chicago on Saturday night. Crawford and O’Neal were unloading the car at Crawford’s home in Coconut Grove, but weren’t in it during the alleged incident, Donovan said.

O’Neal and Crawford followed the vehicle for about five minutes while O’Neal called police, Donovan said, adding that the pursuit wasn’t at high speed and that police pulled over the alleged hit-and-run driver.

No further information was available from police Sunday.

This incident was at least the second time O’Neal has helped police apprehend a suspect. In September 2005 he followed and led police to a suspect who allegedly had thrown a bottle at two men walking on Miami Beach while shouting anti-gay slurs.

Shaq is better at catching criminals than shooting free throws.

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