May 29, 2003

More Face-Lifting

Since John Lemon opined that the following, now-former masthead pic looked like some kind of polisci orgy:

I decided to make some adjustments to the blog's logos. Comments welcome--and as always, this is a all a work in progress (or regress, as the case may be).

Posted by Steven Taylor at May 29, 2003 04:20 PM | TrackBack

I think a big fungus would be cool.

Posted by: John Lemon at May 29, 2003 04:58 PM

I will keep that under advisement.

Posted by: Steven at May 29, 2003 05:00 PM

Well, I'm certainly glad that you straightened out our perception of political scientists as orgy participants. I like the redesigned flag. Of course, I think the texas capitol building is bigger. ;-)

Keep those nifty econo graphs coming!

Posted by: bryan at May 29, 2003 09:05 PM

And the Texas capitol is made of that niftry Marble Fallas pink granite! ;)

In fact, I have some book ends made of the same stuff here on my desk.

Posted by: Steven at May 29, 2003 09:40 PM

And will do on the econographics :)

Posted by: Steven at May 29, 2003 09:40 PM

I dunno. I still think this should be a spot for social scientists to hook up for orgies.

Posted by: John Lemon at May 30, 2003 01:19 AM

Can you imagine Tacitus hanging out at one of those traditional Roman orgies? Who knows, perhaps they were inspirational?

Posted by: Joel at May 30, 2003 01:29 AM

The "look" is probably improved although the readability has decreased. It's rather hard to read the links against the orange marble backdrop. You probably should change either the font size or the color. (Maybe just blue?)

Posted by: James Joyner at May 30, 2003 09:26 AM

I was wondering about the readability of the links. I will tinker with it.

Posted by: Steven at May 30, 2003 09:32 AM

I think the links look fine, that happy '70s yellow background, on the other hand. Maybe a gold or bronze color to match the capital domes would look cool as a background. I think a dark background serves to highlight the rest of the page, which is generally lighter for readability.

Posted by: Joel at May 30, 2003 01:59 PM
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