May 30, 2023

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  • On to the Finals!

    After collapsing in Game 5, the Spurs got their act together and knocked out the Mavericks. On to the Nets!

    Ok: two basketball posts in a row, back to politics (and truth is, I am really more a football guy...)

    Posted by Steven Taylor at May 30, 2023 08:54 AM | TrackBack

    I'll root for the Spurs if you pledge to root for the Red Sox to make the World Series this year.

    Posted by: Cam at May 30, 2023 10:45 AM

    Seems fair, cuz 1) I hate the Yankees, so go BoSox, and 2) I know good and well my team (the Rangers) aren't going... :)

    Posted by: Steven at May 30, 2023 10:57 AM
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