August 25, 2023

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  • I Agree With Jerry Brown

    Yes, it can happen--Governor Moonbeam and I agree on some stuff. Indeed, while Brown has some, shall we say, unorthodox ideas, I find him to be worthy of respect as being intellectually honest and knowledgeable about government.

    At any rate, the following quotation, as reported in WFB's recent column is noteworthy:

    The insight of Jerry Brown warrants attention. Mr. Brown is a little screwy but very bright, and did two terms as governor. To skeptics he said: "It's obvious Schwarzenegger is qualified. I mean, what does it take to become a governor? I've been there; I've known all the governors since Earl Warren's time. And basically, if you have above-average intelligence, you have common sense, and you can speak in front of a camera and to a crowd, you can govern the state. I mean, after all, the governing process includes the legislature, a very competent civil service, and all sorts of rules and regulations that guide the state on its way. The whole thing about experience is a canard."

    It is noteworthy because of the underlying general theme--that a) government is not, nor should be, the domain solely of "professionals" and b) when one elects a chief executive, one elects a team, not just one super-genius guy. Indeed, that was one of the things (amongst many) that bothered me about Al Gore, he projected this image that he could do it all, knew it all, and that he would be in command of the entire executive apparatus were he elected. Such delusions are hogwash.

    Source: ARNOLD'S HOUR?

    Posted by Steven Taylor at August 25, 2023 11:53 AM | TrackBack

    As I just posted on Outside the Beltway, the notion that Arnold is inexperienced is a bit slippery. He is not a professional politician, though you could argue that being an actor is the equivalent. He is an educated, experienced, successful businessman, who became rich through his own hard work and planning.

    The people of California are hiring a chief executive. Arnold certainly has the qualifications for that job. And, he has the good sense to bring a team with him, just as you point out.

    Posted by: Chuck at August 25, 2023 01:22 PM

    Very good - I've always liked Jerry Brown too, and I think he's been unfairly stereotyped.

    I made the same argument about Arnold on an email list where lefties were sneering at him for being a "bodybuilder." (Apparently they hadn't heard about his successful acting career!) They also unearthed some old news that he has a mail-order college degree - big woop. I said he needs to do what any job candidate with an unusual resume should do: make a case that his skills and experience will transfer to the new job.

    This is a list where job hunting is discussed, and everyone has read What Color is Your Parachute?, Wishcraft, and all the other "change your career in midlife" self-help books. But nobody applied that to Ah-nuld because he's not on their "side." But that's exactly what a political campaign is: an extended job interview.

    I also expressed surprise at their elitism - they would be the first people I would expect to champion outsiders without respectable college degrees. But they sounded like the most hide-bound conservatives who want to protect the existing political machine.

    No one responded to my email. Heh.

    Posted by: Yehudit at August 25, 2023 01:41 PM

    Well, good for him... Still, having a degree doesn't mean jack. Can you name anything specific that Arnie has done which might qualify him for the job? I like the man. He was my hero during high school who inspired me to work out and change myself from a 135 pound wimp to a 190 pound Lefty. But geesh, that isn't quite what I'm looking for in a Governor. Again, what exactly has he done. Having some book experience and not losing the tens of millions he's made from his movies is a good start, but what else is there?

    Posted by: John at August 25, 2023 02:11 PM
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