September 01, 2024

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  • Happy Labor Day

    Which I am celebrating (at least so far) by doing squat, including not much blogging.

    I have barely read any news, and the only political story on the NYT worth commenting upon has already been handled by James at OTB.

    Meanwhile, there are posts over at Dallas Cowboys Football by James and myself on the latest roster moves, and I may eventually post on UT's destruction of NMSU over at Sportsblog.

    For more fun, I came in first in Kevin's Caption Contest over at Wizbang! and second in James' latest.

    And, I haven't forgotten about the Parade of Trolls, just haven't gotten around to it yet, plus I think it is going to need some rethinking. If you have any examples of entertaining trollishness, feel free to send it along.

    I think it is almost time to put the hamburgers on the grill, so catch y'all later.

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