September 24, 2003

ReCal Debate Round-Up

Here's my basic round-up of the debate for anyone who missed it:

Huffington: Every answer was some obnoxious statement about it being either Bush’s fault or Pete Wilson’s fault, and those big companies, too. Oh, and Bush is a very bad man. Bad Bush. Bad.

Arnold: Most answers were a canned quip (often amusing), followed by an attack on politicians in general. His strength was in the general are of supporting business—although his WSJ column was better.

Camejo: Clearly increasing taxes on the top 1% will solve everything. Did I mention that the tax system was unfair?

McClintock: He said solid conservative stuff in a fairly unexciting, but well reasoned fashion, that won’t get him enough votes to win.

Cruz: A clucking of the tongue while he calmly explains to Arnold and Arianna as to how they just don’t understand the way government works. And, further, everything is actually fine, so long as we can raise another $8 billion in taxes. And, clearly, anything that is wrong in the state isn't his fault.

Posted by Steven Taylor at September 24, 2003 09:25 PM | TrackBack

The hand that held the dagger has plunged it into the back of Gray Davis... BustaMEChA hosed him by saying 'government can't spend more then it takes in' followed by 'it's not rocket science'


and then he skipped the post debate open mike session


Posted by: DANEgerus at September 24, 2003 10:58 PM

Ahhnuld sounded a bit..well..retarded. I'm very surprised Ahhnuld, given his media savviness and the fact this event was scripted, didn't sound much better.

McClintock sounded reasonable so long as you didn't really examine what he was proposing.

Posted by: JadeGold at September 25, 2003 08:06 AM
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