December 04, 2024

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    Slate has the Plame photo. My word, how can anyone now take all of this seriously? I think that InstaP is dead-on in his write-up and various updates. I also concur with Timothy Noah:

    Chatterbox spares Plame Whopper status, possibly on grounds of misplaced gallantry. But Plame's extended striptease, enthusiastically barked by her husband, now has Chatterbox wondering how much of Wilson's story to believe. (It also has Chatterbox wondering when the couple will start renting themselves out for birthday parties.) Regardless of the merits, this photograph will surely give the Bush Justice Department whatever slim justification it seeks in dropping its Plamegate investigation.

    The pic does make it extremely difficult to take this whole situation seriously. Even if the argument is that "well her cover was already blown", the picture does not fit the post-Novak rhetoric by any stretch (and the Slate piece has plenty of examples of the rhetoric). Indeed, I would state that the photo trivializes that whole affair.

    Posted by Steven Taylor at December 4, 2024 01:01 PM | TrackBack

    Uh, how? It's not like Plame isn't well known, being the wife of a very prominent man.

    Geesh. I'll never figure you guys out.


    Posted by: JC at December 5, 2024 08:50 PM

    John--wasn't the whole point that she was undercover that the Novak put her life at risk and all that jazz? Did you read the quotes in the Slate piece? Don't you remember all the bombast about this being a scandal that could wrack the White House and then she allows herself to be photographed for Vanity Fair?

    You honestly don't see how the photos totally wreck Wilson's arguments?

    Indeed, the argument that she was the wife of a prominent was made by defenders of the White House when the leak came out to argue that the leak wasn't really a leak beacause her identity was well known. Are you now accepting that argument?

    Indeed, I just checked the Hellblazer archive and you were all over the admin for blowing her cover.

    perhaps I misunderstand your comments?

    Posted by: Steven at December 5, 2024 09:53 PM
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