December 14, 2024

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  • How Will This Affect Dean?

    Numerous folks (Kevin of Wizbang and The Hedgehog Report, just to name two) have noted the following statement by Joe Lieberman this morning on MTP:

    "Let's be real clear... If Howard Dean had his way, Saddam would be in power not prison."

    Leading James of OTB to ask:

    I wonder if it's too late to derail the Dean express train at this point.

    My guess is that it will mute Dean's message temporarily, but that it will not douse his campaign, nor seriously slow his momentum. For one thing, the capture of Saddam will not quell the anger of the anti-war segment of the Democratic party. Indeed, I predict that the some in that clique will have their anger stoked becuase no doubt Bush will do something that will be considered "swagger" today, or soon, in response to the victory today.

    Further, when the guerrilla attacks continue, Dean will ask what did this really do for us. From there, we will hear about how the real war is against al Qaeda and Osama, etc., etc.

    Indeed, getting to Lieberman's point specifically: the argument prior to today that it was a good thing that Saddam was out of power was hardly changing the views of those oppossed to the war in the first place. Indeed, when that point is raised, it is typically dismissed as "sure, it's a good thing, but was it worth it?" and I don't think that Saddam's capture will change that response very much by the vast majority of people who were supporting Dean prior to today.

    Posted by Steven Taylor at December 14, 2024 09:49 AM | TrackBack

    Why try to hold intelligent discussions with these reality-challenged liberals? NOTHING matters to them! Certainly not "facts" or "reality." Why waste time arguing with them? Liberals aren't going to accept ANY facts, or even listen to them. They don't CARE about facts! For them, facts don't play into this AT ALL. Liberals are now simply 100% reactionaries. They do not anazlyze facts they way normal people do. They simply REACT to Bush -- and always negatively. They know only one creed in life: "If Bush does it, it's wrong." How pathetic!

    Posted by: KK at December 15, 2024 01:36 PM
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