January 21, 2004

The Carnival of the Vanities #70

Boldly exploring the Blogosphere...

"Linking frequencies open, sir..."

"As for what you want�it has been noted and logged."
  • Patriot Paradox notes that it Looks Like Kerry Will Win Iowa. Whaddya know: "I'm from Iowa, I only work in outer space." and I always voted in the caucuses--when I was home, of course.

  • Kate, of Small Dead Animals notes that Yoda Agrees To Train Luke.

  • The Commissar reveals a plot to Rid World of Evil Menace George Bush.

  • Jeremiah Lewis of Fringeblog presents the schizophrenic monologues: a play.

  • Dowingba, of the Tao of Dowbinga, discusses growing up Canadian.

  • Richard of exvigilare notes a peculiar ruling regarding religion in the classroom, and notes a wee bit of hypocrisy from the ACLU. [Say it ain't so!-ed.]

  • Brian of Tomfoolery of the Highest Roder discusses Bush's boldly appointing where no Bush has appointed before.
  • Harvey of Bad Money is concerned about the rights of our soldiers, and notes things that might upset the Captain.

  • I am pretty sure Kirk was a Boy Scout, so I am not sure he wuld like this report fro eTalkinghead.
  • Mark Hasty of Bemusement Park doesn't want to put it on screen.

  • Chuck at You Big Mouth, You! wonders about measuring success in Iraq. Clearly, we aren't using the Prime Directive, which makes its it a rather Kirkian move, yes?

  • Snooze Button Dreams tells a tale of Snooze Button Dreams: Entrapment. Could it be a Man Trap?

  • Q and O asks what ever happened to Howard Dean?

  • Radical Cowboys has a Dean Caption Contest. Care to guess which picture he is using?

  • Kathy Kinsley ponders the relationship between sharia and democracy.

  • Dispatches from the Culture Wars discusses Intelligent Design as Roman mythology. Hopefully Apollo isn't involved.

  • Feste discusses the Bush admin and the press.

  • SCHOOL @ HOME talks about the finer things.

  • BoiFromTroy details how "From the grave, one deceased soldier makes American Democrats look like fools."

  • Blogo Slovo by Dave Kaiser comments on foreign policy.

  • Musings from Brian J. Noggle muses about guns. Phasers? Disrupters? You pick.

  • Dodgeblogium states It is war...period.

  • The SmarterCop discusses the Gamesters of Triangulation.

  • The King of Fools discusses the Gender Gap.

  • Patterico's Pontifications posits on the Clark congressional testimony flap.



    "Random chance seems to have operated in our favor."

  • "Captain, if we slingshot around the sun and go back in time, we might be able to change the past and make this post from Erick of Confessions of a Political Junkie be correct."

  • This is not a phenomenon I have encountered before: the First Weblog's Haunted Lamp.

  • Jim of Jammerblog comments on the final frontier and President Bush's plans to explore it.

  • Simon, of Simon's World also sets his sights on the Red Planet as well.
  • Ryan Gabbard of the Audhumlan Conspiracy is annoyed by Bad Arguments in Syntax Textbooks.

  • Dan K. O'Leary attempts to operationalize liberalism at Pragmatic Convservatism. He engages in social observation to note: You might be talking with a liberal if...

  • Gary Cruse of The Owner's Manual discusses the Christian Right and the Republican Party. He uses Spock-words like "penurious" and "pecunious" in the process.

  • Madeleine Begun Kane has her second annual Quote Quiz. Fascinating.

  • Signal + Noise wantes Just the Facts, Ma'am, which is logical (and polite).

  • The Tears of Things notes that Jon Haddock Has No Bottom. Scanners are attempting to verify this fact.

  • Solomonia notes Other things to do with the computer aside from reading blogs. That strikes me as illogical.

  • Discriminations provides the Kerry, Edwards Engage In Racebaiting Archives by searching through the library computer.


    "What am I, a doctor or a moon shuttle conductor? If I jumped every time a light flashed around here, I'd end up talking to myself "
  • Bovious shares a Belated Christmas Present at Boviosity!--tips on how to quit smoking.

  • Idler Yet declares that Dean's wife is too good for him. To which I say: I'm a doctor, not a marraige counselor!

  • Kevin Baker is concerned with drugs and the war there on, so he's hanging out in sick bay.

  • Curiosity proclaims that Israel Is Interesting. Who knew? I'm a doctor, not a travel agent.

  • James Joyner (I'm a Doctor, not a doctor) of OTB comments on the science of sex selection.

  • So does Phil, The Speculist.

  • Goobage brings us info on universal health care.


    "The best diplomat that I know is a fully-loaded phaser bank"

  • David Asp of The Bully Pulpit ask: "What to do with the drunken sailor"?

  • Quibbles and Bits has a post that Scotty can love.

  • Jeff Quinton of Backcountry Conservative is desinging some new uniforms for Clemson.

  • Ed Brayton is concerned about Christian Terrorists.

  • Wordlab considers the wit and wisdom of the bnd Steely Dan (and if I were looking for more hits, I would point out what the band was named after by name--I shall also avoid a Scotty-esque "she canna take the strain" joke--oops, I guess I won't).
  • You can't change the laws of physics, but you can re-write the Music Man with the Eight Dems--although it is unclear as to why you would want to...

  • Sneakeasy's Joint is lookin' to trade My Bike For Your Toyota.

  • Wheat and Chaff reviews 12 angry men.

  • Forgotten Fronts comments on Pseudoscience and the Laws of Physics, which, we all know, ya canna change.

  • The BlogMadness 2003: Last Call for Entries is upon us. Submit today!

  • Joe Kelley of The Sake of Argument tells the tale of the Mayor who Swiped a $1,000 Bill. One thing's for sure: it's green.

  • PC Watch looks at another type of Green.

  • Interested-Participant notes that homosexual couples can receive back pensions.

  • The Calico Cat brings us Creative Writing With Frank McCourt.

  • Peaktalk gets alliterative: DELIBERATE AND DISTASTEFUL DISRESPECT and discusses diaspora (kinda).

    Thanks for beaming in!

    And, of course:

    Live Long and Prosper

    SciFiGeek Trivia Contest: the first person to send an e-mail to [email protected] identifying the source of each of the quotes above will be duly honored at PoliBlog

    Note: Carnival #71 will hosted by FTP (friend to PoliBlog) Sean Hackbarth at The American Mind. And the upcoming schedule can be found at the home of the Carnival, Silflay Hraka.

  • Posted by Steven Taylor at January 21, 2004 06:47 AM | TrackBack

    A Briiliant Discourse, and an Entertaining Travelogue, Captain! :-)

    Being a Trekker, of long standing, who once had a book collection the envy of a greedy Ferengi, and even is a published ( In BEST OF TREK #15,unpaid, but I ain't complaining) Trek Author, I am quite pleased with your contribution to the long list of obscure Trek-related writing. :-)

    Posted by: Kiril at January 21, 2004 12:39 PM

    Well done. As a confessed trekkie, I like what you have here.

    Posted by: gary at January 21, 2004 04:18 PM

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