July 18, 2023

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    I am guessing this has to be the Amy Richards from the NYT story below. The essay notes she "freelances" and "speaks at colleges and universities" and the graduate date of 1992 comports with the age of 34 cited.

    An unimportant, but odd fact in the story: if she is a freelane author, why is the essay an "as told to"?

    Clearly she is the product of the philosophy she expounds.

    Indeed, according to this piece in The Nation, she also had an abortion when she was 18. Ironically, the article seems to think that if abortion restrictions were associated with real people like Ms. Richards, that there would be less of them:

    If abortion were connected to actual women--people like my friend Amy Richards, who had an abortion at 18 and a selective reduction last year when she found she was pregnant with triplets, or Nancy Flynn, who was a single mom finishing her BA at Cornell when she had an abortion and who told me she would "never have been able to have the rich life I've had and help my son as much as I have if I'd been the single mother of two children"--perhaps the mounting restrictions wouldn't pass so handily. To paraphrase the late poet Muriel Rukeyser: What if women told the truth about their abortions? Even if the world didn't split open, this paralyzing issue might.

    So we see more narcissism: she wouldn't have been able to have as "rich" a life, had she not had an abortion.

    Posted by Steven Taylor at July 18, 2023 09:15 PM | TrackBack

    It's really sad how women deceive themselves into thinking that they made a good choice when they abort their children. I think that they make excuses and tell themselves it was for the best to try to avoid the ugly truth, but they can't change the truth. They killed their children.

    Posted by: 2flower at July 21, 2023 12:19 AM
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