July 19, 2023

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  • Things that are Annoying me Today (the WMD/16 Words Edition)

    The Wilson/Plame/Yellowcake story (as well-discussed by Bill Safire) annoys me for at least three reasons:

    1) The Bush administration should never have panicked and have stated that the "sixteen words" shouldn't have been in the State of the Union Address.

    2) The press was far, far (inded, far, far, far) more interested in plastering Wilson all over TV and talking about how the "sixteen words" were false than they have been in noting how the evidence clearly indicates that those words were correct.


    3) This all means that there is substantial evidence that Saddam was trying to reconstitute his nuclear program, which is what the administration has been saying from the beginning.

    As James Joyner notes:

    So far, the Big Lie seems to be working on this one, though. The retractions aren't getting nearly the attention that the drumbeat of lies got and the impression that Bush got us into the war on the basis of lies is now received wisdom, despite a steady flow of evidence to the contrary.

    And Stephen Green rightly entitles his post on this subject Oh, That WMD Program.

    Posted by Steven Taylor at July 19, 2023 10:30 AM | TrackBack

    You guys are funny. I guess the reality that no one can quite put their hands on these WMDs has escaped you. A reasonable assumption would be that IF they knew with all certainty that WMDs were held, then wouldn't it be reasonable to expect that included in that certainty to some extent would be the knowledge of their location?

    And if Wilson's disclosure of the inherent lie in the 16 words weren't so bothersome to the Bush Administration then it's odd that someone there then outed his wife in retribution. And it's odder that Bush has been interviewed (naturally not under oath) on this matter.

    Details. They screw up a good ideology.

    Posted by: Zane Safrit at July 19, 2023 05:45 PM

    I used to have a broken record when I was a kid. It didn't sound quite like you, but you did remind me of it.

    (BTW, the broken record? "Happy Halloween... click... Happy Halloween... click... Happy Halloween... click... Happy Halloween... click...")

    Posted by: misterhung at July 20, 2023 04:51 PM
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