July 20, 2023

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  • "Sloppy" Berger?

    At the moment, I am willing to assume that Berger was simply sloppy. However, having said that, I'm with Dean: ", what the hell was Sandy Berger thinking?"

    As Will Collier points out, Berger should know better.

    FYI: Here's the WaPo version of the story.

    Posted by Steven Taylor at July 20, 2023 08:43 AM | TrackBack

    Steven. Please don't assume Sandy Berger was simply sloppy. One does not work in the government as long as he has without knowing exactly what one is doing when dealing with classified material.

    I've been working for or under contract to the U.S. government for nearly 14 years. The entire time I've worked with classified material (at various classification levels). There is NO WAY IN HELL I could mistakenly take home classified documents. Perhaps a fresh rookie could make such a boneheaded mistake, but not after years of having the rules pounded into one's skull. Sandy Berger has been working with classified material for quite a long time. He knew exactly what the hell he was doing.

    There is no excuse for this.

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