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2007 Sports Predictions: Crystal Ball Time
By Bill Jempty

For the last two years at my regular blog, I’ve made predictions for the coming year. I thought I would do that here but concentrating on sports only.

Here we go-

1- The Miami Dolphins have a losing season
2- The Florida Marlins have a winning season
3- Tiger Woods wins at least one major on the way to being Player of the Year again.
4- Ernie Els returns to form.
5- Se Ri Pak completes the women’s Grand Slam by taking the Kraft Nabisco
6- Bobby Bowden retires.
7- Roger Clemens retires but this time for good.
8- Charges are totally dropped in the Duke Lacrosse case.
9- Nick Saban leaves the Miami Dolphins to be the head coach at Alabama.
10- The Miami Heat and Florida Panthers both miss the 06-07 season playoffs.
11- Chicago defeats New England in the Super Bowl.
12- Michelle Wie wins an LPGA tournament.
13- Mike Tyson gets arrested.
14- 2007 is Joe Torre’s last season as manager of the Yankees.
15- Bill Cowher quits coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers
16- The Buffalo Sabres win the Stanley Cup
17- Bill Parcells, Marty Schottenheimer and Joe Gibbs all retire or are fired from their present coaching jobs.
18- Bret Favre retires.
19- The Chicago White Sox win the World Series
20- More than half the above predictions are wrong.
We’ll check back at the end of 2007 and see how I did.

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Note- I want to thank Steven for letting me blog here. Since last May I have been a regular poster at OTB Sports. My favorite sports are Baseball, Football and Pro golf. Favorite teams- The Marlins and Mets, Dolphins and  Jets(I grew up in New York  till age 15. That accounts for my split allegiances.)  and most pro golfers but I do tend to like the Korean ladies headed by Se Ri Pak. You’ll see me blog alot on the above, but  occasionally on other topics.


On a personal note I am 46 years old(as of January 12th 2007) and live in Florida with my wife of 17 years.(We have two children but both are angels  in heaven). I do tax prep during the winter and accounting work and handyman work all year long.  My job is out of my house except for some of the tax work, so I blog at almost all hours. 


My main blog is The Florida Masochist where I talk Sports, Politics, Florida News and give out Knucklehead awards.

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