The Latest in the Drug War: Operation Martillo

Via Just the Facts:  Operation Martillo: What is it?

Since January 2012, the United States, in partnership with various European and Latin American nations, has been conducting Operation Martillo (Martillo = Hammer), a multi-national, interagency and joint military operation to combat aerial and maritime drug trafficking off Central America’s coasts. It began in January 2012 and has no end date, though its end is believed to be a few months away.

The linked fact sheet has a good bit of information, as well as a map showing the current flows of cocaine into the US market.

One thing to watch, as is often the case in this situations:  does this policy lead to substantially less drugs in the US, or does it simply re-route the drugs via other pathways and means?  The multi-decade evidence would suggest that a temporary disruption of flows will result followed by significant adaptation by traffickers.

But, of course, when everything looks like a  clavo, the only tool you pull out is a martillo.

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