First the Secret Service, Now the Honduran Embassy (More Tales of Colombia Prostitutes)

Via the BBC:  Honduras investigates Bogota embassy Christmas party

Honduras has said it is setting up a commission to investigate reports that a wild Christmas party was held at its embassy in the Colombian capital.

Reports suggest that two prostitutes attended the party, which began on the evening of 20 December and carried on until the next morning, Efe reports.

Computers and mobile phones were stolen and rooms in the embassy, north of Bogota, were ransacked.

Colombian police are looking for the sex workers who attended the party.

Apparently what happens in Colombia does not stay in Colombia.  Perhaps foreign visitors representing their governments ought to steer clear of the sex workers, yes?

(For those who need a refresher on the reference in the title:  Secret Service Agents Recalled from Colombia over Prostitution Allegations).

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