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Saturday, February 28, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Biblical Literalism?

This was taken at Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL where Youngest Son has been playing hoops. This shot is a good illustration of a certain type of Project365 shots-as it was one that occurred to me some weeks back. Indeed, I have taken some variation of this shot probably half a dozen ties between games and practice, but have always had a better shot to use for that day, so I would actually delete them, keeping in mind that I could take it again later. Today was the last day, so I took it one final time. And since I really didn’t have much in the way of competing shots today anyway, it made the cut. It is also the kind of shot that really isn’t that great of a photo, but rather just something I found amusing/interesting.

Indeed, to keep 365 going I have some backup shots in my head that I keep as “just in case” pics: the one of the cat a while back (365.26) is one such example. Some of the candle shots also fall in that camp.

Some of my favorite shots, however, have been things that occurred to me at the last minute on days I thought that I had nuthin’ and was going to have to dip into the “just in case” pool (like 365.14, 365.22 (which would have been “Biblical Literalism?” that day had “Ghostly Self-Portrait” not worked) and 365.56).

Obviously, clouds are one of my “go to” subjects (see the previous two posts), although they aren’t part of my “just in case” pool, since I can’t predict for sure when a good sky will appear.

At any rate, I have enjoyed the Project to date-just 306 shots to go!

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By Steven L. Taylor

Friday Morning


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By Steven L. Taylor

Roiling Along


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By Steven L. Taylor

An AP headline asks, Obama’s call of college for all: Could it be done?

Forget “could it be done?” and ask first “should it be done?”

As a college professor, I am obviously rather pro-college education, and while I would like to see all who are willing and capable attain that goal, the bottom line is that not only is not every single person capable of getting through college (as the story notes, a lot of people drop out of High School), a lot of people aren’t interested. Indeed, I have seen plenty of both in my years of teaching, usually in general studies classes. There are a lot of students out there who don’t have the requisite skills to be successful in college and a lot who do have no idea why they are there, and therefore do not do very well.

Indeed, given the state of K-12, I am not sure that we oughn’t be focusing our attention there before trying to achieve universality at the collegiate level.

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By Steven L. Taylor

Via ABC: Radio Legend Paul Harvey Dies

Harvey’s career in radio spanned more than 70 years, and his shows “News & Comment” and “Rest of the Story” made him a familiar voice in Americans’ homes across the country.

That is one remarkably long career. May he rest in peace.

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By Steven L. Taylor

Via the BBC: Colombia captures Farc kidnapper

Soldiers fought Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) rebels in the central province of Cundinamarca, killing 10 and capturing another eight.

Among those taken was a leader known by the alias “El Negro Antonio”, whom authorities have been seeking for well over a decade.

One soldier was killed in the combat and a kidnap victim rescued.

According to El Tiempo, El Negro Antonio (aka John Freddy Balcázar Castillo, aka Bernardo Mosquera Machado-it is unclear to me which is his real name) was responsible for over 100 kidnapping and “between 1998 and 2024 was one of the most feared guerrillas in Bogotá and Cundinamarca.” Cundinamarca is the department (geographically, but not politically, like a US state) which surrounds Bogotá and the Federal District.

According to the El Tiempo piece, El Negro Antonio had been reported killed in 2024.

El País reports that authorities believe that El Negro Antonio had been designated by the FARC’s secretariat
to be in charge of kidnapping and extorsion in the department of Meta and in San Vicente del Caguán.

The kidnap victim who was freed was Efraín Mendoza, a businessman from Ibagué (capital of the department of Tolima) who had been held captive for three weeks.

Reuters provides the following brief video report:

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Friday, February 27, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via BC: U.S. Economy Shrank at Faster Rate in Fourth Quarter

The revised number: -6.2%

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By Steven L. Taylor

Via the Rocky Mountain News: Rocky Mountain News to close, publish final edition Friday.

It is noteworthy that a city the size of Denver has had two newspapers for as long as it has. Still, it is sad when long-running companies have to close their doors like this-most especially for all the people who will now be unemployed during very difficult economic times.

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Thursday, February 26, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Plan Colombia and Beyond has the numbers on foreign aid to Colombia in the FY09 budget. It amounts to over half a billion dollars (an estimated $666.31 million).

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By Steven L. Taylor

I have noted before that Senate Majority Leader is an especially poor launching pad for a presidential campaign. Let’s add to that list the SOTU response speech, as let’s face facts: one will almost certainly come across poorly in comparison to the president (any president-if anything because the president speaks to a joint session of Congress, and the response is usually given to a camera) and such speeches are almost uniformly boring. Beyond that, a lot of people have almost certainly tuned out by the time the speech airs.

Along these line, Ed Rollins correctly notes:

“Everybody thinks [the response] is a great launching pad,” said CNN political contributor and White House veteran Ed Rollins, “I wouldn’t recommend to any of my clients, whatever you do don’t take the honor.”

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