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Monday, December 29, 2023
By Steven L. Taylor

At the NYT as a columnist, that is.

First, there was what I termed the Laziest Column in a Major Paper Ever? and now today there’s this: George, Abe, Rick and Barack. The piece is just a pastiche of thoughts about the inauguration that has a decidedly phoned-in feel to it, including Kristol’s travel plans on the 20th, porta-potties on the Mall and a few thoughts about the Lincoln Bible, George Washington, Rick Warren and smoking.

I know its the holiday season, but gee whiz, there are bloggers who rattle off 800 word essays before breakfast on a daily basis that have more thoughtful content than this.

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2 Responses to “Maybe Kristol Knows his Days are Numbered?”

  • el
  • pt
    1. KipEsquire Says:

      Remember: If you object to equating gay marriage with pedophilia, then you are being -Kristol’s terms — “hysterical” & “intolerant.”

      Almost makes me want to read Krugman. (Almost.)

    2. Captain D Says:

      Him and me both; my new year’s resolution is to give up reading and participating in discussions on political blogs and topics.

      Good luck and kind regards.

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