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Monday, September 7, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

So reports El Tiempo: Uribe subió 7,66 puntos en intención de voto en 4 meses, revela última medición de Datexco.

If Uribe were not to run, the leading candidate is uribista Juan Manuel Santos (as one would expect) with only 16.5% (which is lower than one would expect), followed by former Medellín mayor Sergioa Fajardo with 13.03%. Both are actually bested by “undecided” with 24.19%.

Here are the full poll results:

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One Response to “Poll: Uribe 54.50%, The Field 46.84%”

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    1. PoliBlog: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts » Colombian Primaries Today Says:

      [...] Today Colombia is holding primary election to choose presidential candidate for two parties, the Liberal Party (PL) and the Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA). Also the Independent Movement for Absolute Renovation (MIRA) and the Conservative party (PC) are using the process to select congressional candidate (for MIRA it is both the Chamber of Representatives and the Senate and for the PC only the Chamber). The inclusion of congressional candidates into the process is new. Also noteworthy: the PC is no longer holding a primary to select a presidential candidate in anticipation on President Uribe being allowed to run for a third term. The practical ramification of all of this is that the process today is to choose the main opposition candidates to run against Uribe (or, barring some failure of approval for re-election, the uribista candidate, probably Juan Maunel Santos). [...]

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