Friday, June 19, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the BBC: Ayatollah demands end to protests

Iran’s supreme leader has issued a stern warning that protests against the country’s disputed presidential election results must end.

In his first public remarks after days of protests, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the outcome had to be decided at the ballot box, not on the street.


Responding to allegations of electoral fraud, the ayatollah insisted the Islamic Republic would not cheat.


He appealed to candidates who had doubts about the election result to pursue any challenges through legal avenues.

Well, that is about as definitive as one can get from the Iranian state. Now, the real question at this point is whether or not the protesters and Mousavi comply. One would expect that the latter would, given his status within the state apparatus. The crowds, however, are the real test of whether the frustration over the elections was a short-term temper tantrum or a true expression of pent-up frustration that was looking for an outlet. If there is massive defiance of the Ayatollah’s proclamations, that would be most interesting and certainly an alarming outcome for the state.

It is interesting that Khamenei did invite legal challenges, as well as the following:

The Guardian Council - Iran’s main electoral authority - has invited Mr Mousavi and two other defeated candidates to discuss their objections tomorrow.

Of course, one needn’t be a psychic to know what the Guardian Council will say.

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