Monday, January 11, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

TV by the Numbers reports:  Sarah Palin Signs Multi-Year Deal With Fox News Channel,

Fox News Channel today confirmed that Palin will appear on various network programming on a regular basis as part of a multi-year deal.  No financial terms were disclosed.

Time’s Swampland confirms (via the NYT): Sarah Palin To Join Fox News, Moving Her Even Further From White House Bid.  In his post, Michael Scherer argues “

evidence that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is far less concerned with winning the White House than she is with making money and building a brand.”

He continues:

If Palin were serious about running for president and winning, she would be thinking about how to expand her support beyond the Republican party core that is fed by Fox News.

I disagree with this assessment.  I think that Palin thinks that she is building a foundation for a run at the presidency.  Understand, I don’t think that she is going about it the right way (e.g., quitting the governor’s office), but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t think that she is doing it the right way.

I am of the opinion that Palin is the type of partisan who really doesn’t understand that their are substantial numbers of people out there who disagree with her—rather I think she sees opposition to her as coming from “the elite” and not from some segment of “the people.”  Indeed, her behavior (even as candidate for veep—consider her "the real America" and the "pro-America areas of this great nation" comments on the campaign trail) suggests that she doesn’t think that she has to build broad support.

Indeed, Scherer’s position starts from the premise that Palin understands national politics.  However, I would counter that there is nothing in her behavior or  statements that would suggest that she does.

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