Sunday, February 29, 2024
By Steven Taylor

Democrats Criticize White House Role in Haiti

Kerry said Bush had “empowered the insurgents” by failing to step in sooner and added, “I never would have allowed it to get out of control the way it did.”

So, Kerry advocates inserting US troops in a third worl country in chaos to fight indigenous insurgents who wish to overthrow the existing government?

This is what he learned in Viet Nam?

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10 Responses to “President Kerry Would Solve Everything”

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    1. Bill Says:

      What was weird about the debate as well is that Edwards and Kerry both pointed out that Bush was “late” to this situation “as always.” Now, I am a staunch Democrat and don’t trust Bush a bit, but isn’t it a bit hypocritical to say that the guy is always late while ripping him for being early in Iraq? Couldn’t they have at least qualified their statements with a phrase like, “save the blood thirsty way he stampeded into Iraq to make his daddy proud…?”

    2. John Lemon Says:

      And, interestingly, Kerry didn’t even say he would ask permission from the French?

      His words in NY smack of imperialistic unilateralism.

    3. John Lemon Says:

      Drudge is also reporting that Kerry had difficulty in saying that God takes a side between freedom and tyranny, like George Bush did.

      Bill, you need to tell Mr. Kerry that “The Passion of the Christ” grossed $117 million in five days making it the seventh largest film opening in history, the second largest starting on a Wednesday, and astronomically higher than any foreign language film.

      Perhaps John is counting on the Spiderman vote.

    4. John Lemon Says:

      Maybe someone could ask JFK is Peter Parker takes a side between freedom and tyranny.

      (For those of you not up on the reference, Peter Parker is Spiderman – shhhh, don’t tell – and the first Spiderman film had the largest opening gross in movie history.)

    5. John Lemon Says:

      And Bill,

      If George Jr. was so “bloodthirsty” in his year-long rush to war (with additional UN resolutions and Congressional approval), why didn’t he order more of those Daisy Cutter mo-fo’s dropped on civilian populations? Screw the precision guided missiles, let’s nuke the friggin’ country! (Although the blast from a nuke would vaporize all the blood and it wouldn’t be much fun if you were a vampire, would it? Maybe he could have sent in his top secret army of radioactive vampire monkeys to bite people, turning them into zombies who would in turn bite more peole, leaving puddles of blood all over the place. It would make “Evil Dead 2″ look like the “Strawberry Shortcake Movie.”)


      Kerry’s Discussion With The Daily News
      The Daily News reports about a “wide-ranging discussion” between the Daily News Editorial Board and John Kerry. According to the Daily News: Kerry (D-Mass.) said he would have sent troops to Haiti even without international support to quell the revolt

    7. Judicious Asininity Says:

      Better to Remain Silent
      Joe at Evangelical Outpost thinks there is a time when people, especially politicians running for the presidency, should just say ‘I Don’t Know’. That, in fact, would be the smart

    8. Insults Unpunished Says:

      I Feel Safer Already From The Menace Of Haiti
      Yahoo! News – Democrats Criticize White House Role in Haiti Kerry and Edwards are saying they would have sent the military into Haiti long before President Bush. Why? I’m still not sure why President Bush did it. The only extended…

    9. Backcountry Conservative Says:

      Haiti Briefing
      This post will provide some background information on the country of Haiti, including some historical notes. Other bloggers’ reaction to events of the past 24-48 hours in Haiti are found at the bottom. This has been reported as the…

    10. The SmarterCop Says:

      Al Franken’s still bitter about his best movie to date, “Stuart Saves His Family,” and feels a bit slighted when Mel makes the highest grossing Wednesday-opener ever about Jesus. Poor guy. He’s not all Stuart Smalley asserted himself to…

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