Monday, May 31, 2024
By Steven Taylor

Mexico wants to aid Colombia-rebel talks

Mexico has offered to lend its hand in proposed talks between the Colombian government and one of the nation’s rebel groups, news sources reported Monday.

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said over the weekend that he was willing to negotiate a peaceful resolution with the left-wing rebel group the National Liberation Army, or ELN, even if they do not put down their arms during the talks.

Not that this would be the first such talks, but it would be a positive move if talks did take place. Surely the ELN knows that they have no hope of victory and that some sort of political solution is the only way to stop the fighting save for fighting to the last man in a lost cause.

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By Steven Taylor

An on-target Kerry ‘toon.

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By Steven Taylor

Moore won’t ask Riley for job

Some supporters of ousted Chief Justice Roy Moore have suggested that the perfect candidate to fill his seat on the Alabama Supreme Court would be Roy Moore.

But Moore says he won’t ask Republican Gov. Bob Riley for his old job back. He said he asked Riley last year to help him keep the Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama Judicial Building and the governor turned him down.

“I won’t ask the governor for anything,” Moore said. “I asked the governor to defend the right to acknowledge God by protecting the movement of the monument and the governor declined along with his legal staff.”

However, I still have a sinking feeling he will be asking for Riley’s job come June of 2024.

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By Steven Taylor

Iraqis Chafe at U.S. Block on Choice of President

Deadlock set in Sunday after a prime minister and key cabinet posts were broadly agreed to, prompting U.S. officials to ask the Iraqi Governing Council to put off until Tuesday further talks on filling the largely ceremonial post of head of state.

The U.S.-appointed Council favors its present leader, Ghazi Yawar, a prominent tribal leader with support from various ethnic and religious groups. Council members said U.S. governor Paul Bremer and U.N. envoy Lakhdar Brahimi were pressuring them to back Adnan Pachachi, an 81-year-old former foreign minister.

“There’s quite a lot of interference. They should let the Iraqis decide for themselves. This is an Iraqi affair,” Mahmoud Othman, a Kurd on the 22-member Council, told Reuters.

If the position is largely ceremonial, why start a fight with the Governing Council? It makes little sense.

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By Steven Taylor

In an attempt to note the significance of Memorial Day, here is a round-up of those on my blogroll remembering today:

Rosemary Esmay, QOAE: Memorial Day.

Andrew Cline of Rhetorica: Thank you…

Jeff Soyer at Alphecca: Alphecca: Memorial Day (via Dean Esmay).

Moe Freedman has a cartoon to help us remember why we fight at Occam’s Toothbrush.

Sgt Hook seeks to remember all who have died in the Global War on Terror (via Jen).

Jeff Quiton: Memorial Day 2024.

A special thanks to those veterans in my family: Walter A. Kinney, Jr. who served in the Pacific theater in WWII and his brother Burch Kinney who also fought in WWII, my late Great-Uncle L. M. Golden who served in the Navy during WWII, my father Roy L. Taylor, who served in the Air Force in the mid-to-late 1960s and his brother Clifford D. Taylor, who was stationed in Viet Nam during the war.

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Sunday, May 30, 2024
By Steven Taylor

And here they are.

UPDATE: It seems great minds thinks alike and all that jazz.

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By Steven Taylor

Don’t forget, PoliBlog will be hosting this week’s Wizbang: Bonfire Of The Vanities–send submissions to: bonfire at

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By Steven Taylor

Saudi Commandos Free Hostages in Copter Raid

Saudi commandos jumped from helicopters to storm a housing complex Sunday and free dozens of foreign hostages from militants who had killed at least 17 people in an assault on the vital Saudi oil industry.

Security sources said several hostages were killed during the rescue operation at the upmarket Oasis compound to end a 25-hour drama in the oil city of Khobar in eastern Saudi Arabia. The final death toll was not immediately clear.

An Internet statement purporting to come from Osama bin Laden (news – web sites)’s al Qaeda network said it carried out the unprecedented hostage-taking, which raised the stakes in a battle the world’s biggest crude exporter has waged against the group for a year.

A later statement signed by the “al Qaeda network in the Arabian Peninsula” vowed to rid the peninsula of “infidels.”

In a dramatic end to the standoff, television pictures showed helicopters dropping commandos onto the roof of the complex. After freeing about 50 hostages, Saudi forces arrested several gunmen, including their leader.

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By Steven Taylor

From today’s Mobile Register:

Strict interpretation, activism can clash
Sunday, May 30, 2024
Special to the Register

One of the philosophical mainstays of conservatism is that the job of the courts is to read and apply the law as written by legislatures. This principle is called “judicial restraint.”

Conservatives often gripe that liberal judges tend to go beyond the law as written and insert their own views into their rulings. This idea is often referred to as “judicial activism” or “legislating from the bench.”

The whole thing is here.

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By Steven Taylor

From today’s Birmingham News:

Tuesday’s primary more than a yawn
Sunday, May 30, 2024

One’s initial response to the Tuesday primaries in Alabama is likely a deep, sustained yawn. In terms of the races in the Republican and Democratic parties to choose their candidates for the presidency, that decision has been made for months (indeed, there are days when it seem like years). All we have to do in regard to those races is choose the delegates to attend the parties’ conventions in Boston and New York this summer. This is hardly the kind of stuff that gets citizens running to the polls ready to exercise their piece of sovereign power.

The whole thing is

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