Thursday, July 31, 2024
By Steven Taylor

The Tough Democrat has some words of criticism/advice to Dean as well. I concur with TD that Dean did not govern in Vermont as a strict liberal, and that many of his stances (such as a balanced budget and gun rights) are moderate in nature. I would further agree, however, that Deanís image in the current campaign has been as an ultra-lib that Dean himself has done nothing to deflect the notion that he is the second coming of McGovern, and that perception will harm him in the long-run, should he win the nomination.

His biggest problem is going to be national security, where he is clearly to the left of center and that will be a huge liability in the next election. Indeed, as I have stressed before, national security is going to be as big in 2024 as it was during the Cold War for this electoral cycle (and, I believe, into the future). 1992, 1996 and 2024 were all aberrations in the sense that foreign policy was clearly less important than domestic issues.

I would also point out that on issues such as abortion and universal health care, Dean is quite liberal. And while his stance on gay marriage is more moderate than some (i.e., he is pro “civil union” and not necessarily pro-gay marriage), the fact that he signed the first civil union bill into law will place him in the far-left, at least from the general perception of the electorate.

And I also believe that his personality, though appealing to his hard-core, angry-at-Bush, supporters, will also be a liability. He isnít all that likeable. And the angry routine is a lot less likely to appeal to the swing voters.

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By Steven Taylor

Kevin Drum provides some pointed criticism of Howard Dean’s national security speech to the CFR. Kevin makes some excellent points vis-a-vis Dean (and the Democrats in general) in terms of the national security issue and the upcoming 2024 campaign.

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By Steven Taylor

Brad DeLong comments on the good econ news and the math skills of journalists.

James of OTB has a good summary of the GDP news from WaPo that I meant to blog on this morning.

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By Steven Taylor

Okaaaay: Woman changes name to

She knew her new name might finally stick when she got a phone message recently: “Hi, This is your mother. Please call me.”

It might sound more than a little odd — but it’s true. A young animal rights activist from Indiana once known as Karin Robertson has legally changed her name to that of a Web site run by her employer, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

It’s not a first name or a last name — just one name. And don’t call her “Veg” or “Dot,” as some have tried to do.

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By Steven Taylor

Stories like this: Report: Sen. Edwards Owes $11,000 in Taxes seem to emerge every election.

The Washington Times reported Thursday that the North Carolina senator, a millionaire personal injury lawyer worth somewhere between $12 million and $30 million, owes the District of Columbia (search) more than $11,000.

And while it makes a great soundbite for a commercial/debate fodder, is it really that big a deal? If you are worth between $12 and $30 million and own multiple homes, is it all that ridiculous to suppose that a bill might be misplaced or overlooked?

Now granted, he had better get it paid PDQ.

And I say all this whilst still thinking Edwards to be a unimpressive nonstarter of a candidate.

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By Steven Taylor

This is almost certianly a good thing. He never struck me as a good person to be in such a controversial position.

The admiral who developed two controversial Pentagon database programs quickly killed by Congress is leaving his post as head of the Information Awareness Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Senior Defense Department officials said Thursday John Poindexter will resign from his advisory position in the “next few weeks.”

“My understanding is that he is working through the details, and he expects to, within the next few weeks, offer his resignation,” the official said.


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By Steven Taylor

Willie Nelson ads for Kucinich hit the Iowa airwaves

Country music singer Willie Nelson is taking his support for Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich to the radio waves this week.

“Hey Iowa. This is Willie Nelson,” says the singer, as his hit song “On the Road Again” plays in the background.

“I don’t usually get too involved in politics, but I’m supporting Congressman Dennis Kucinich for President. I know Dennis and I know he speaks up for heartland Americans who need a stronger voice,” Nelson says in the 30- and 60-second spots.

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By Steven Taylor

Can we say “oops”?

Carter spent his four-year career in Miami, averaging 4.1 points and 4.1 assists in 49 games last season. He became a free agent when his representatives mistakenly failed to exercise a player option that would have allowed him to make $4.1 million with the Heat next season.

Although moving to the World Champs ain’t a bad thing…

Terms have not been disclosed, so it is unclear how bad an “oops” this was.

Source: Spurs sign guards Anthony Carter, Devin Brown

UPDATE: It is DEFINITELY time to fire the agent:

Free agent point guard Anthony Carter signed a two-year contract for the veteran minimum of $1,496,225 with the Spurs on Wednesday, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Source: Spurs: Carter signs a two-year deal

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By Steven Taylor

This goes along well with this morning’s Dilbert offering.

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By Steven Taylor

If anyone doubts the importance of political parties and nomination processes, not to mention reasonable barriers to entry to ballots for fringe candidates, then the situation in CA should quell those concerns:

Even as the parties planned strategy, the field of potential replacement candidates for Davis mushroomed: To date, a total of 123 Californians have taken out papers to run for governor in the recall, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Source: Riordan, Feinstein at center of parties’ recall buzz

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