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Wednesday, November 15, 2023
By Steven L. Taylor

Joshua Micah Marshall makes an excellent observation on the Pelosi-Murtha situation:

[Pelosi]’s doing a lot more than being quietly supportive of an ally. She’s very publicly making everyone takes sides. And in a very specific, unique way. She’s staked her authority and credibility on a Murtha victory. And since she represents the caucus, to a degree she’s putting the caucus’s authority and credibility on the line too, just after the Dems have taken power in the House for the first time in a dozen years. It’s a really bold power-play on a number of levels.

It is also is a very odd and risky way to start a Speakership–especially after her party has been out of the majority for over a decade.

h/t: Michael Stickings at TMV

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