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Sunday, January 21, 2007
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the NYT: Clinton’s Success in Presidential Race Is No Sure Thing:

Compared with the other Democrats who plan to run for president in 2008, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most battle-tested, has the biggest fund-raising network and can walk into the job with a unique set of skills and perspectives gleaned from eight years in the White House as first lady.

Yet none of that guarantees Mrs. Clinton will steamroll her opponents, or manage and master the issues that have long vexed her, like the war in Iraq and universal health insurance. Far from it: she has told friends that she is more worried about winning the Democratic nomination than winning a general election against a Republican.

What is it about campaign season that turns reporters into simpletons?  It is manifestly obvious that nothing at this stage of the game is a “sure thing.”  Further, it stands to reason that Clinton would be more concerned with winning the primary now vice the general election, since one has to do that first to be able to compete in the general election.

I mean gee whiz, this counts as “new analysis” in the paper of record?

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One Response to “Hillary Not a Slam Dunk! (Woeful Analysis Edition)”

  1. MinorRipper Says:

    Iraq will be the deciding factor among the Democratic candidates in 2008, and Hillary was flat wrong on the subject. More and more it looks like it will be Al Gore’s election to lose, please see

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