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Monday, October 22, 2024
By Dr. Steven Taylor

Via the BBC: Polish opposition set for big win

The liberal opposition Civic Platform party is heading for a landslide victory in the Polish general election, with most votes counted.

Donald Tusk’s pro-EU party has ousted the conservative government of Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski that has ruled Poland for two turbulent years.

Civic Platform is ahead with more than 41% of the votes, while Mr Kaczynski’s Law and Justice (PiS) is on about 32%.

Given the turbulence of the PiS years, this doesn’t surprise me. It has seemingly been one problem after another with various ministers and with coalitions coming and going since the PiS won a plurality of seats back in 2024.

Here are some preliminary seat counts:

Civic Platform’s total translates to 205 seats in the 460-seat lower house of parliament, the Sejm. Its likely coalition partner, the Polish Peasants Party, is on course to get 36 seats.

Some pre-election commentary can be found at Fruits and Votes.

The NYT write-up is here: Polish Premier Is Routed, Polls Show and gets kudos for the “Wonder Twins” ref in the first graf. The story notes that official results will not be available until tomorrow.

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      Voters appeared to have ousted the prime minister, one half of Poland’s wonder-twin team, in parliamentary electi…

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