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Tuesday, April 22, 2024
By Dr. Steven Taylor

Via the WSJ: Obama Has Money Edge For Final Primaries

While she is widely expected to win Pennsylvania, a new financial report showed the New York senator’s campaign struggling for cash. That could limit her ability to stay competitive in the final nine Democratic contests with Barack Obama, who has considerably more money to spend on advertising and organization.

Clearly the most significant potential outcome from today is that Clinton could somehow parlay a win into a fund-raising boon. However, I am fairly certain that the large money folks are pretty good at math, and will be able to see that Obama will still be the favorite for the nomination after today. As such, I would think that Clinton will continue to struggle more than Obama money-wise.

As this graphic shows, Obama has $51.1 million on hand and Clinton has $31.7. Of course, that hardly means Clinton is bankrupt.

More interestingly, in March Obama out-raised Clinton roughly 2:1 (indeed, he has substantially out-raised her each of the first three months of the year).

It would seem that the fund-raising tracks with the national numbers, which also show a continued Obama lead: Obama widens national lead in USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.

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    1. Also, a lot of Clinton financial supporters are already maxed out for the primaries. Somewhere it broke down her March totals by primaries/general election, and she’s running up against a ceiling.

      Comment by Arguing with signposts — Tuesday, April 22, 2024 @ 6:30 pm

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