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Thursday, May 8, 2024
By Dr. Steven Taylor

Via the Miami Herald: Counting Florida’s votes won’t close Clinton-Obama gap.

Hillary really wants those votes:

”I am running to be the president of all of America — north, south, east and west, and everywhere in between. That’s why it is so important that we count the votes of Florida and Michigan,” she said in Indiana, as the crowd chanted, “Count the votes!”

”It would be a little strange to have a nominee chosen by 48 states,” added Clinton, though she, like Obama, agreed to boycott Florida and Michigan before their January primaries.


even her campaign acknowledges that the state can’t deliver her the Democratic nomination.

Squeezing all of the votes out of Florida’s Jan. 29 primary still leaves her trailing Barack Obama — and Florida Democrats are willing to settle for half as many.


The national party is slated to reconsider counting the delegates from Florida and Michigan on May 31. But Clinton campaign officials acknowledged that the best possible outcome wouldn’t close her 150-plus delegate gap with Obama.

Clinton would net 38 delegates if Florida got back its entire slate of 188 pledged delegates to the convention; the appeal to the national party asks for half, or 94.

Plus, Florida no longer helps Clinton in the the vaunted (yet meaningless) “popular vote” metric, as adding Florida to the current popular totals still gives Obama an edge of 417,285 votes (click here and scroll down to see a table with te various permutations of the popular vote totals).

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    1. The popular vote would be meaningful if the bionic delegates chose to make it so, no? It seems to me that her bigger problem is not that the popular vote might be “meaningless,” but that the proportional allocation of delegates makes it unlikely (though possible) that the candidates’ final rank in elected delegates could be the reverse of their rank in aggregate popular votes.

      Then there is the fact that her claim on the popular vote is somewhat at odds with her claims that some states matter more than others. In fact, they are completely contradictory arguments. But evidently contradictions are meaningless in the Clinton narrative.

      Comment by MSS — Thursday, May 8, 2024 @ 3:02 pm

    2. I can understand Hillary being a stickler about the Florida and Michigan votes, but she is being very selective in her plea for “justice” by failing to acknowledge that those votes weren’t won fair and square. Obama had removed his name from the Michigan ballot, given the violation of primary rules and didn’t even campaign in Florida for the same reason. Had there been a fair contest between them and Hillary had honestly received those votes, which she seems to make the case out to be, than she would be justified, I feel, in making a call for the votes to count.

      But they weren’t fair contests and all her hollering about the votes counting without being upfront and honest about the legitimacy of the actual contests in the states is just another example of the double standards she employs according to what benefits her. She isn’t even willing to accept the generous offer of 69 to 59 delegates, Clinton to Obama, respectively, that is being made for Michigan.

      I have admired the woman for her tenacity and even have been inspired by some of the things she has said, but her ethics are questionable at best. She does not have the kind of impeccable character that the highest office in this country calls for.

      Perhaps we’ve gotten used to settling for second best in this country, sometimes out of lack of quality choices, sometimes out of sheer ignorance of the American public and the majority’s ability to be duped by the political hype, but we can’t afford to any longer.

      Obama is quality. His family is quality. This country needs the kind of heart and soul, the kind of integrity, and the kind of inspired leadership that this man brings in his bid for the White House.

      And it needs the kind of wife Mrs. Obama is: a woman of honest dignity, true compassion, and a tempered conscience–one that doesn’t act out of self-interest, but out of the good of the whole, for the whole and will keep her man in check.

      For it hasn’t only been the men over the past few decades that have let the American public down time and time again, but the wives have been pitiful examples of real women that serve as a healthy conscience for their husbands, miserably failing to lead by his side in their crucial role as an example of honor, wise guidance and discerning insight that is the tempered woman’s unique heritage.

      Not only is Hillary Clinton not qualified to serve as president, even more so, she’s not qualified to serve as his wife.

      Comment by Teri Foss — Friday, May 9, 2024 @ 4:00 am

    3. MSS:

      I was speaking in terms of any formal role in the process, especially since in the caucus states, one can’t always even know the numbers in question.

      I guess, technically, the color of Hillary’s pantsuits could be meaningful if they somehow persuaded the superdelegates to vote for her. Maybe she’ll suggest that metric next! ;)

      Comment by Dr. Steven Taylor — Friday, May 9, 2024 @ 6:43 am

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