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Sunday, September 14, 2024
By Dr. Steven Taylor

I noted in a previous post the usage of “add on” campaign signs by the Jay love (R-AL02) for Congress campaign. This morning I saw a new version and went back to take a photo. While not as interesting (at least to me) as the “Conservative Christian Values” add-on (which sought to define the candidate vis-a-vis others in the primary and the “Drill Now” add-on (which draws attention to a policy position), these are more standard “I endorse the presidential ticket” signs. However, that specific endorsement is of importance in this particular race because Love is trying to underscore that he is the Republican and real conservative in the race, since his opponent, Democrat Bobby Bright is running as a conservative, ‘Blue Dog” Democrat.

More than an endorsement it is a clear reminder that while some may consider themselves “Bright Republicans” the bottom line is that Love is the actual GOP nominee.

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    1. Bobby Bright is getting a lot of Republican support because many voters realize that a conservative Democrat will be able to accomplish much more for the district that than a right-wing Republican. The Bright vs. Love race is more about who can be most effective than ideology regardless of the spin that Republicans try to put on it. Jay Love can wrap himself in McCain-Palin stickers and it will not make him a Congressman with any clout in Washington.

      Comment by Right Democrat — Sunday, September 14, 2024 @ 10:15 pm

    2. Ah, but here in Ohio we are hearing that Dennis Kuchinich is vulnerable this election cycle. Sooooo, if the balance of power swings back because of the horrible records of Pelosi/Reid, then it would be better for the people if they elected a Republican! teeheehee LOL ROTFL

      Dr. Steve, not relevant to this post but just wanted you to know that all the adult members of my family, meaning my mother and mother-in-law, who were devoted Democrats, are seething with one question: WHO ARE THE SUPER DELEGATES!!

      When I informed them (at separate times), that the GOP doesn’t have Super Delegates, they were shocked and outraged. They wanted to know how we ran our primary and why didn’t they have a “real” primary. Both of the older ladies, and since I’m old, they are a full generation ahead of me - so we are talking OLD - were very angry that there was no delegate count. They both asked me why they even bothered to vote if it didn’t get counted.

      So there is a new revolution taking place inside the Dem party. Six months ago Frum was telling us to get used to moving to the left, that the GOP was stale and out of touch, and that the Republican party was sinking. Now, with Howard Dean wanting election by committee, the real democrats, the decent, hard working people, the union members, are sick of gay marriage, abortion rights, and super delegates. They want to know when is the party going to come back to its roots.

      Comment by Ohio Granny — Monday, September 15, 2024 @ 1:51 pm

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