Friday, August 29, 2024
By Steven Taylor

Ok, so Kerry Outlines Tax, Economic Proposals. But I have two key questions. One, if it is really all that easy for jobs to be created, can someone explain to me why any President wouldn’t create them like crazy? Second, if the deficit is the great monster of the day, how does Mr. Kerry propose to deal with it by maintaining a substantial part of the Bush tax cut and by promising new tax credits plus sending substantial aid to the states?

The highlights of the plan:

  • Repealing the tax cuts for those making over $200,000.
  • Payroll tax credits for companies that create jobs ahead of the the “normal pace”.
  • Provide a “college opportunity tax credit” for the first $4,000 paid in tuition annually
  • Keep the middle-class oriented portions of the Bush plan.
  • Send $50 billion to the states over the next two years.

    Now, how is any of this going to guarantee new jobs?

    Of course, if Dean continues to lead Kerry in NH by 21 or more point, it will all be rather moot.

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