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Sunday, April 19, 2009
By Steven L. Taylor

While I find many things on my mind today, and much worthy of commentary, I am finding it difficult to find a specific place to get started. So, I thought I’d ask some questions.

First question: Exactly what is the harm to the United States of America that Obama shook Hugo Chávez’s hand, received a book from him, and didn’t freak out after Daniel Ortega engaged in an anti-US diatribe?

Clearly, btw, this was a of grave significance to some.

I wonder (and have other, more complicated thoughts that I will withhold for the moment), as to why it is thought that graciousness by a superpower is considered weakness.


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2 Responses to “Question 1: Shaking Chávez’s Hand”

  1. S.K.B. Says:

    Personally, I think the harm level was absolutely zero. In fact, it may have done a lot of good.

  2. Max Lybbert Says:

    President Obama can’t win on this one. However, I think that engaging Venezuela is more likley to be positive than negative.

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