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Thursday, October 15, 2009
By Steven L. Taylor

Glenn Reynolds (who notes he never watches NFL football) endorses this boycott of the NFL over the Limbaugh business.

Teflon of Molten Thought writes:

Since Roger Goodell wants to bend over for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the other bigots and race-baiters among the sportswriter community by shafting Rush Limbaugh, we ought to return the favor by punting the NFL this season.

I have cancelled my DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package (including the Supercast). I will not watch ONE MINUTE of NFL games or coverage this season—including the Super Bowl.

And I challenge you to join me.

Let’s show Roger Goodell who REALLY runs the NFL—the fans.

I am guessing that this won’t make an iota of difference.

Indeed, knowing what a big NFL fan Limbaugh is, I have little doubt that Limbaugh himself will be watching this weekend.

(And again: I am bemused that so many conservatives are upset that a set of businessmen would make a business decision about their private property, i.e., the Limbaugh would bring undo and unwanted attention to the league, so why fool with it? More to the point, it was the groups seeking to buy the team that dropped Limabugh, not the NFL, although I still think he would have lost a vote had it reached that stage.)

h/t: DougJ @ Balloon Juice.

Update: James Joyner is on target on the whole thing.

And, amazingly, the boycott notion is the dumbest post on this Limbaugh/NFL business. That honor would go to this post.

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5 Responses to “Boycotting the NFL on Behalf of Limbaugh”

  1. B. Minich Says:

    In light of the Red State post . . .

    First they came for Rush Limbaugh, but I did nothing, because I wasn’t Rush Limbaugh . . .


  2. Anonymous Person Says:

    The fact that news outlets published quotes falsely attributed to Limbaugh is the issue here.

    I assume many people are calling for a boycott of the NFL because the NFL bought the false quotes, hook, line, and sinker.

    You can say all you want about Limbaugh’s chances to have actually attained an ownership stake in the St. Louis Rams organization, but that doesn’t make these news outlets anymore ethical.

  3. The utterly insane and completely useless conservative effort to boycott the NFL because of what happened to Rush Limbaugh | Says:

    [...] say is, good riddance!For sensible conservative takes on Limbaugh and the NFL, see James Joyner and Steven L. Taylor.For an utterly insane take on the whole thing — and on how “we are all Rush [...]

  4. S. Lord Says:

    Not only will I boycott the NFL which I have watched every Sunday, Monday and Thursday for years, but I’m also going to boycott any advertisers who are sponsors. This is a permanent decision on my family’s behalf.

  5. Steven L. Taylor Says:

    It will probably be a full time job keeping track of all of said sponsors…

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