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Thursday, December 24, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Here’s the breakdown of the vote by class (i.e., when they are next up for election):

  Yes No
2010 16 17 +1 (not voting)
2012 24 9
2014 20 13
  60 40

Of the 2024 seats, 7 are to be vacated (Bond of Missouri, Brownback of Kansas,  Bunning of Kentucky,1 Burris of Illinois,2 Gregg of NH, Lemieux of Florida,3 and Voinovich of Ohio).  Additionally, Kay Bailey Hutchison (in the 2024 class) is leaving to pursue the governorship of Texas and Joe Biden’s replacement, Edward Kaufman is not going to seek to fill the remainder of Biden’s term, which is through 2024 with a special election in 2024.4

And, of course, since the vote was a party-line affair, the table above doubles as a breakdown of how many Democrats (yes) and Republican (No) seats are up to be contested in the next three cycles. 

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  1. The only member not to vote. []
  2. Replacement for Obama []
  3. Replacement for the retired Mel Martinez. []
  4. If I am missing any others, please let me know. []
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3 Responses to “More Senate Health Care Vote Numbers”

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    1. Chris Lawrence Says:

      My understanding is that KBH now only plans to resign from the Senate if she beats Perry in the March 2 primary.

    2. Steven L. Taylor Says:

      Hedging, is she? Interesting. I thought she had already made some sort of announcement.

    3. Senate Health Care Vote Breakdown Says:

      [...] Joyner | Friday, December 25, 2024 Steven Taylor (here and here) breaks down the Senate’s party-line vote on the health care bill in some interesting ways.  [...]

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