Wednesday, January 6, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

CNN has the following odd headline:  Obama-Cuba honeymoon may be over

What began as a hopeful "new beginning" for U.S.-Cuba relations, as President Obama once put it, may be settling back into the same old relationship that has gripped the two Cold War foes for half a century.

Yes, there were some critics of the administration that saw it as siding with Venezuela and Cuba against the coup government in Honduras and yes there was some softening in rhetoric (slight though it was) between the US and Cuba because Obama wasn’t Bush, but a “honeymoon”?  I think not.

As such, what we have is what we have had for five-ish decades of US-Cuba policy, i.e., no diplomatic relations and much ire.

The proximate cause of the CNN piece is a column by Fidel Castro in which he is highly critical of the American President.  How novel, yes?

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