Monday, January 25, 2010
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the Swamp:  Beau Biden: Passing on father’s old seat.

I think that this does mean that the Republican’s chances for the seat have substantially increased, since the GOP candidate will be Representative Michael Castle (who, as you can see below, has a track record of statewide electoral success).

Of course, given the totality of the numbers, Castle’s shift to the Senate contest has to make Delaware’s lone House seat to now be a potential Democratic pick up.

Some historical numbers:

Presidential Elections:

2008:   Obama 62%-McCain 37%

2004:   Kerry 53%-Bush 46%

2000:  Gore 55%-41.9%

Senate Elections:

2008:  Biden 65%-35%

2006:  Carper (D)-70%-Ting (R) 29%

2002:  Biden 58.2%-Clatworthy 40.8%

2000:  Carper 55.5%-Roth (incumbent) 43.7%

House Elections:

The seat has been held by Republican Michael Castle since 1993 (who, prior to that was a two-term Governor of the state and before that Lt. Governor).

2008:  Castle 61.1%-Hartley-Nagle 38%

2006:  Castle 57%-Spivack 39%

2004:  Castle 69%-Donnelly 30%

2002:   Castle 72%-Miller 27%

2000:  Castle 68.5%-Miller 29.9%

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