Tuesday, February 9, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

News that Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) will join a Republican filibuster of a nominee to the National Labor Relations Board leads me to the following proposal for the Senate:

How about if a Senator has a reason to object to a given nominee that said Senator would, oh I don’t know, maybe take the floor and try to, well, persuade the other Senators that the nominee is, well, not worthy of the job.  If one’s argument and evidence is powerful enough, perhaps one could actually form a majority contra the nominee.

I know, call me crazy.

BTW, it may well be that the nominee, Craig Becker, deserves to be blocked.  However, one would think that persuading the majority of the Senate of this fact one way or another is not unreasonable.

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3 Responses to “An Extremely Modest Proposal in Regards to the Senate”

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  • pt
    1. U.S. Senate The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body Says:

      [...] Joyner | Tuesday, February 9, 2024 My friend and former colleague Steven Taylor offers what he terms “An Extremely Modest Proposal in Regards to the Senate.”  Rather [...]

    2. walt moffett Says:

      AKA the “put up or shut up” rule. Simple, direct, honest and thus unlikely to be ever adopted.

    3. Steven L. Taylor Says:


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