Sunday, March 7, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

 Glenn Reynolds:

In fact, when I think of the federal government’s brand now, I think of Schlitz beer. Schlitz was once a top national brew. But, in search of short-term gains, it began gradually reducing its quality in tiny increments to save money, substituting cheaper malt, fewer hops and "accelerated" brewing for its traditional approach.

To which I can only ask:  Schlitz was ever a good beer?

Further, it is  odd metaphor to make his point (which is, I think, that the US government’s brand is tarnished), because a) it has been a long time since Schlitz was a major competitor, and b) when it was I don’t recall it being some sort of gold standard for beer.  Indeed, my recollection from the 1970s is that it was a fairly cheap beer.

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4 Responses to “Huh?!?”

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    1. Mark Says:

      You need to be older. I remember 1960 with my dad before he left and Schlitz was a high class beer.

    2. Hume's Ghost Says:

      I can’t even hear or read “Schlitz” without recalling the ultra-hilarious Schmitt gay beer skit on SNL.

    3. Ratoe Says:

      Schlitz was ever a good beer?

      Well, it was pretty dominant in the 1890s. You can drive around Milwaukee & Chicago and still see the famous Schlitz globe logo ensconced on taverns that the company built during the late 1890s.

      It is hard to vouch for the quality, but Joseph Schlitz was undoubtedly a market leader about a century ago.

      My personal favorite of the the cheap beer was Schaefer–”the one beer to have when you’re having more than one.”

    4. Steven L. Taylor Says:

      Of course, when it comes to beer, I am a beer snob :)

      But, in terms of metaphor, if to understand Reynold’s point one has to go to 1960 (or the 1890s), then perhaps it was a poor choice.

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