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Friday, November 14, 2003
By Steven Taylor

Schwarzenegger certified as official winner of recall election

Shelley’s report shows that 55.4 percent of voters said yes on the question of recalling Davis. Just over 48 percent of voters picked Schwarzenegger to replace him. Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante got 31.5 percent and state Sen. Tom McClintock, R-Northridge, 13.5 percent.

The official vote totals show that 61 percent of the state’s 15.4 million registered voters cast ballots in the recall election. That’s more than any governor’s election since 1982, Shelley said.

The number of votes cast Oct. 7 exceeded by 1.6 million the number of people who voted in the November 2002 general election, the secretary of state said.

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