Friday, July 23, 2023
By Steven Taylor

Colombian Police Make $110 Million Cocaine Haul

Colombian police have seized 5.5 tons of cocaine with a U.S. street value of $110 million in the biggest haul of the illegal drug for years, the police said on Friday.

Officers grabbed the cocaine in two busts. In the biggest, they confiscated 4.5 tons in a rural area of the northern province of Antioquia under the control of far-right paramilitary outlaws, the police said.

One person was arrested. The other ton was found near the city of Cali, hidden in a generator in a wooden case set to be shipped to the United States.

The last single haul of comparable size by Colombian authorities was made in 1998, when they seized four tons.

However, as the story notes, despite seizures and crop eradication:

But the price of cocaine in the United States has yet to rise, leading critics to suggest that exports are holding up despite the onslaught. The United States is the largest consumer of the stimulant, money from which funds Marxist rebels and far-right paramilitaries fighting a four-decade-old war.

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