Wednesday, May 31, 2006
By Steven L. Taylor

Via Marketwatch:Colombian coffee icon Juan Valdez to retire after 37 years

The Colombian National Federation of Coffee Growers is seeking a mustachioed man in his mid-thirties who gets along well with donkeys to replace Carlos Sanchez, who has impersonated the Colombian coffee icon Juan Valdez for 37 years.

The character isn’t a small thing for Colombians, Sanchez, who plans to retire in July, told reporters on Tuesday.
“Colombians see me as a flag, a national anthem, you have to share that and that is why it isn’t easy to represent the character,” he said.

Carlos Sanchez, now 71, feels he is getting old and a little too fat to act like Juan Valdez.

Sanchez is the second actor to impersonate the character since its creation 45 years ago. The first one was a Cuban actor called Jose Duval.

So, raise your coffee cup in tribute to the departing Juan Valdez.


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3 Responses to “Adios, Juan!”

  1. ATM Says:

    From that angle, he looks a bit like Vicente Fox.

  2. B. Minich, PI Says:

    Funny . . . he looks perfect to me.

    But hey, its his life, and at 71, he’s welcome to retire whenever he wants.

    I remember as a kid when Juan Valdez would tout Columbian coffee on his donkey. Good memories. I didn’t know the character was still around (I know they haven’t used him in any recent televised ads), but its weird to think they haven’t changed actors since long before I was a kid.

  3. c.v. Says:

    The rumors have it Juan was asked to leave due to his extreme coffee addiction. Twenty cup a day habbit and he lost his wife in the process, he needed the help. And don’t get me started on the women and wild “coffee” parties.

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