Friday, June 30, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Today is the sixteenth anniversary of my marriage to the lovely and wonderful Sherry.

So, eight moves (encompassing three states, two countries and seven cities), a doctorate and three children later, here we are and the fun is just beginning.

So: Happy Anniversary to us!

Update: BTW, I can connect my wedding to blogging, even though the internet as we know it was a glint in Al Gore’s eye in 1990. The connection is that three of my four groomsmen blog: two of my ushers have their own blogs (here and here) and my Best Man is the TPGB. I think my other usher (a.k.a., my brother-in-law) occasionally reads the blog, so I guess all the bases are covered.

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9 Responses to “Sweet Sixteen”

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    1. Bill Says:

      Happy Anniversary! My wife and I just had our 17th wedding anniversary in the last month ourselves(Civil May 30 and Church June 17. Both in 89)

    2. Steven L. Says:

      Congrats; please say hello to your lovely wife from D and myself.

    3. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

      Thanks to you both.

      And will do, S.

    4. Jay Says:

      Happy anniversary! It goes fast, doesn’t it?

    5. Matthew Says:

      Congratulations. Can’t believe it was that many years ago!

      And who would have imagined that the marriage would beget so many blogs!!

    6. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

      Jay: yes it does!

      And Matthew: indeed!

    7. Brett Says:

      Congrats, Steven!

    8. Kingdaddy Says:

      I feel ashamed I missed your anniversary notice. Happy anniversary to you both, from both of us (Kingdaddy and Queenmommy).

    9. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

      Many thanks to you both!

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